Personalized USB flash drives--Irregular Designs Of PVC & Silicone

Personalized USB flash drives

The customizable USB flash enables you to easily and freely store data required of you on the go. In addition, it’s small and stylish. It’s perfect for you if you would love to have your USB flash drive customized with your unique logo or design and quickly go around with it.MOQ is only 100pcs

Personalized USB drives make your Business grow.

Promotional Memory Sticks, personalized together with your logo, are often handed over at exhibitions, trade shows, and events to make people around know of you and your brand or your designs more. Similarly, you can distribute the pen drive alongside your marketing materials, brochures, and photographs.


Raw Materials For Your Selection

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  • Sino-memory

    We will make digital artwork before making the samples Free revised until you are satisfied with them.

    Marketing, raising awareness of a brand, or showcasing one’s artwork has become easier with the help of digital artwork. Its importance isn’t something that you can overlook because it’s all around us. Billboards, branding, designing, etc., are digital artworks used to further market and make the public know about one’s craft.

    Is digital artwork important? Yes, sure. Digital artwork is that the basis of an excellent product. So it’s pretty vital.


  • Custom USB drives in ambulance car

    Custom USB drives Low MOQ

    The lovely digital artwork has put you on the right track. Well-made products necessitate attention to every detail. What qualifications do you have to be a Custom USB drive specialist?

    To begin, determine whether the sample is the same as the artwork.

    Likewise, look for glue leaks. PVC USB drives contain color separation lines. As a result, we want to know if the color mixture is together, and the gap should be as small as possible.

    In addition, make sure that the Pantone color matches your specifications. If all of the above works out, the sample will be delicious.

    If you have a specific idea for how you want us to personalize the Custom USB, our design team will pay close attention to every small detail when creating your one-of-a-kind USB stick.

  • container usb drives

    You will now add photos or text to our Custom USB Pen Drive to create a specialized and one-of-a-kind product.

    A USB Pen Drive is a super portable storage tool that is ideal for both work and travel. It is superior to other types of storage. A Pen Drive was designed for a Mexican beverage company. Water transfer printing was used to make the logo on this USB. Regardless of how complicated your order is, let us know what you need, and we will surely make it happen.


  • USB drives with water transfer logo


    The materials used are of the highest quality, and you can expect them to last for a long time. The color would be chosen per the color scheme of your company or your personal preference. The weight is only 20g, making it ideal for carrying in your pocket. We’ll take on the shape of your preferences.

    If you want it to be in the shape of your company, a football USB drive, a truck usb drive, or something else, just let us know, and we will make it happen.

    All you have to do is provide us how you want it to be. Would you like your company’s logo on the USB? Easy. We will do this for you and make it spectacular.

  • Train USB drives

    The USB flash drive is a superb tool that would easily increase your promotion kit.

    It weighs in as little as 20g, and to make it suit your company or brand; we would make it any color combination you pick.

    A gift to the family, friends, to celebrate your birthday, a wedding souvenir, etc., this custom USB flash drive can make a superb gift for all.

    All you have to do is load it with photos or data or your choice and give it out to your loved ones. Anytime they get a hold of it, to them, it’s like you’re close or right beside them. They are bound to remember you each time they see that USB flash drive that was made and gifted to them.


  • Crab custom USB drives


    All USB flash drives are guaranteed to be in perfect working order when they arrive. All orders are inspected before they are shipped to ensure that all products are in good condition. If you discover any broken items during your initial inspection, kindly email us, and we will begin the replacement process. Claims for broken items will be handled within 24 hours.


    One stop shopping at Sino-Memory

    Our designer has 14 years of experience in designing and drawing Custom USB flash drives. Experience sales staff will be following up on every detail and check with you.

    All of our employees have more than five years of experience, and we will guarantee that the mass-produced products will be the same as the sample. Fill in the blanks. We’ll customize it to your preferences and specifications.

    Shopping at Sino memory

    You are guaranteed to choose your image, color of your choice to customize your USB flash drive with. Why choose a dull USB flash drive when you have these options?

    Throw your orders here. We will make it perfect.


  • Q1

    Are you using eco-friendly materials?

    Yes. All of our materials are satisfy with ROHS.

  • Q2

    What's sample time and mass production time for 500PCS?

    3 days for sample, 7-10 days for mass production.

    Generally,The time interval is within two weeks and would vary depending on how bulky your order is.

  • Q3


    Our customer service responds to your calls and bookings within 12 hours on working days.

  • Q4

    What are the best wholesale USB drive suppliers?

    Top platforms for wholesale USB drives:

    1. Alibaba and DHgate offer a wide range of suppliers.
    2. Sino-Memory specializes in custom USB drives.
    3. Kingston Technology is known for high-quality USB drives.
    4. Global Sources and Connect buyers with verified suppliers

    Consider product quality, customization, pricing, shipping, and reviews when choosing a wholesale supplier.

  • Q5

    How can I find reliable USB drive manufacturers for import?

    To find reliable USB drive manufacturers for import:

    1. Conduct thorough research online to identify manufacturers.
    2. Read customer reviews and testimonials to gauge reliability.
    3. Verify certifications and quality standards they hold.
    4. Seek recommendations from industry associations or trade shows.
    5. Contact manufacturers directly, ask questions, and request samples. Consider referring to the “How to find best USB supplier .
  • Q6

    What are the latest trends in custom USB drive designs?

    The latest trends in custom USB drive designs include:

    • Sleek and minimalist designs.
    • Eco-friendly materials.
    • Unique Custom shapes.
    • LED logo USB drives
  • Q7

    What are the different storage capacities available for USB drives?

    USB drives are available in various storage capacities to suit different data storage needs. The following are standard storage capacities for USB drives:

    • 32MB(USB2.0)
    • 64MB(USB2.0)
    • 128MB(USB2.0)
    • 256MB(USB2.0)
    • 512MB(USB2.0)
    • 1GB(USB2.0)
    • 2GB(USB2.0)
    • 4GB(USB2.0)
    • 8GB(USB2.0/USB3.0)
    • 16GB(USB2.0/USB3.0)
    • 32GB(USB2.0/USB3.0)
    • 64GB (USB 2.0/USB3.0/USB3.1)
    • 128GB (USB 2.0/USB3.0/USB3.1)
    • 256GB (USB 3.0/USB3.1)
    • 512GB (USB 3.2)
    • 1TB (USB 3.2)

    The choice of storage capacity depends on the amount of data you plan to store on the USB drive. Smaller capacities are suitable for documents and smaller files, while larger capacities are ideal for multimedia files, videos, and large data backups.

  • Q8

    How do I customize USB drives with my company logo or branding?

    To customize USB drives with your company logo or branding:
    1. Find a USB Drive supplier offering customization services.
    2. Choose a method like screen printing or laser engraving.UV printing. Embossing.
    3. Provide your high-resolution logo or artwork.
    4. Confirm the design and logo position with the supplier.
    5. Review and approve samples before ordering.
    6. Place your order specifying quantity and requirements.
    7. Coordinate production and delivery with the supplier.

  • Q9

    What is custom USB drives' average MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

    The MOQ for custom USB drives depends on the complexity of customization. We offer lower MOQ 100pcs for standard designs.

  • Q10

    What is the price range for wholesale USB drives?

    Price range for wholesale USB drives varies based on capacity, customization, materials, and quantity. Typically ranges from a few dollars to tens per unit. Request quotes from Sino-memory for specific pricing.

  • Q11

    Are there any specific certifications or quality standards to look for when buying USB drives?

    To ensure safety and environmental compliance, Check certifications like FCC, CE, and RoHS when purchasing USB drives.

  • Q12

    Can USB drives be pre-loaded with data or promotional material?

    Yes, USB drives can be pre-loaded with data or promotional material. Suppliers typically offer this service, allowing files or marketing materials to be installed on the drives before delivery. Contact our sales team to discuss this requirement.

  • Q13

    What is the average production and delivery time for custom USB drive orders?

    The average production and delivery time for custom USB drive orders depends on factors like customization complexity, order quantity, and supplier capabilities. Production times range from 3 to 7 days; Delivery time is about 4-5 days. Contact the supplier directly for accurate timelines tailored to your specific order.