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Sino-Memory,Your Most Trusted Partner

Since its inception in 2007, Shenzhen Sino-Memory Electronics Co. Limited has been a professional manufacturer of USB flash drives​, supplying stylish and high-quality products to a variety of customers throughout the globe.

Backed by superior customization service, fast delivery, innovative design and competitive prices, we have successfully supported the business of various clients including distributor, retailor and gift shop.

No matter global major brands, small business or personal use, we are ready to offer a wide variety of solutions for you.

Our Mission

Sino-Memory is committed to creating stylish USB case design, and providing high-quality USB flash drives for our clients, backed by outstanding customer support. We pride ourselves on being innovative experts in the industry, oriented toward our customer's needs and flexible toward their unique goals. We have consistently offered new, distinctive ways to address the ever-changing storage needs of computer and technology users and provide easy-to-use solutions.

Sino-Memory's Commitments

  • High Quality

    Since the security of sensitive data is more important than ever before, Sino-Memory spares no efforts to supply high-quality products to keep your data safe in our USB flash drives.

  • Flexible Customization

    We know how to integrate clients' needs on material, color and surface treatment into one USB flash drive perfectly. All our products are designed in line with your applications, and highly customizable.

  • Superior Performance

    As a product to store photo, music and other data, the USB flash drive should be easy to use and convenient. At Sino-Memory, we work tirelessly to make user-friendly USB drives of good performance.

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