Perform Well In Both Storage And Advertising

Wooden USB Drive has became the latest trend recently, as it presents a natural beauty and allows endless possibilities of creativity.

With many choices of natural wood, including maple, walnut, bamboo and more,  you can design the USB flash drive into any shape you can think of, treating it with any finishes you want, such as laser engraving or printing.

Being widely welcome to numerous clients, especially photographers, our wood USB flash drives can well advertise your brand LOGO and preload your information to be a perfect promotional tool. Since it is afforadble and more efficient, compared with many similar choices, we will provide you over 30 different styles of  Wooden USB Drives. Besides that, you can also benefit from our highly customization service with creative ideas.

Raw Materials For Your Selection

Walnut Wood
Pine wooden USB key
Maple Wood
Dark Bamboo USB
Bamboo Wood
Maple Wood
Carbonized Bamboo
  • Custom wooden USB drives factory

    Impress Your Customers WIth Details

    Magnetic Connection

    Combing a outer casing of a built-in magnetic suction patch, Sino-Memory wooden USB flash drive could better protect its USB interface to prevent damage and dust while making itself easy-to use.

    Natural Wood Grain

    To keep the original feeling of wood grain, our factory treat all wooden outer casing carefully. By doing so, the two piece of out casing will present a whole image of wood grain when being put together, which deliver an attractive looking.

  • Slim wooden USB drives

    Custom Wooden USB drives in different shape

    Design Your Custom wood USB drives

    We offer the option to customize the wooden USB drive. It can reflect your company‘s logo, a significant symbol, a guitar, or an animal design.

    Our custom wooden USB drives allow you to create a storage device that truly speaks your style.

    Crafted from Quality Wood, such as maple, bamboo,walnut

    These wooden Drives are crafted from durable wood; We can make Laser-engraved logos or messages that add elegance, silkscreen, and UV printing. Make your brand perfect.

  • Wooden USB drives

    Wooden USB drives for Event

    Gifting Made Special Wooden USB drives 

    Make our USB flash drive a perfect marketing solution for small business promotions, trade shows, and vendor fairs. These drives can be customized to reflect the event’s theme or the recipient’s taste. We will provide preloading services before shipping all orders for free too.

    In this way, we can upload any content your customers want, such as software demos, promotion advertisements, products catalog, marketing videos, photos, PDF brochures, and more into USB flash drives in bulk, which will save you much time.

  • Wedding USB Drives

    Photo USB Drives

    Photographers and musicians highly appreciate our wooden USB drives. Photographers can deliver digital photo albums uniquely and memorably, while musicians can share their music in a practical and visually appealing format.

    Whether you are a child Photographer, a family Photographer, a Wedding Photographer, a studio company, or a musician, it’s a refreshing return to the original wood. And Wooden USB drives contain a treasure trove of memories. Is it an excellent product for you?

    Be Part of an Eco-Friendly Solution

    In addition to their aesthetic appeal and functionality, these USB drives reflect our commitment to sustainable practices. By choosing our wooden USB drives, you are opting for a product that serves your digital needs and contributes to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

  • crystal usb drives in wood 1

    Crystal USB drives with Wooden Cap and Box

    Crystal USB drives with Wooden Cap and Box

    When Crystal USB drives meet wooden caps and boxes, they turn unique and attractive—laser logo on wooden and Crystal. Make the permanent logo on USB drives.

    Aesthetics Meets Function

    While preserving their natural beauty, our wooden USB drives also ensure high-speed data transfer. Whether you’re storing documents, music, videos, or pictures, our drives provide smooth and efficient data transfer and storage.

  • wooden usb drives 1

    Wooden USB Drives with box

    The wooden flash drive is environmentally friendly and durable. It’s one of our clients’ favorite flash drives. More and more musicians are releasing their content using custom wooden USB drives.
    Easy to carry, easy to print, laser logo on top.

    More importantly, you can save your music inside it. Connect with your fans with music USB drives.


  • Q1

    What's the delivery time of wooden USB drives?

    1-2 days for samples, 5-7 days for mass production after sample approved.

  • Q2

    CAN BAMBOO USB drive gets moldy after a long time?

    This depends on your local climate. In a humid environment, it is easy moldy, when you choose the USB disk material, Please consider the local conditions.

  • Q3

    How many kinds of wood are there to choose?

    Maple, walnut, bamboo, dark bamboo, redwood is in stock. Can customize other wood, contact sales for details.

  • Q4

    Are these wooden flash drives durable and high quality?

    Yes. We use natural wood and fast chips. And a strict manufacturing process to make sure of our wooden USB drives quality in best.

  • Q5

    What's the primary care for Bamboo USB drives?

    Storing them in a cool, dry place is recommended. It can avoid any potential damage from moisture.

  • Q6

    How can I clean my wooden USB drive?

    Gently wipe the drive with a slightly damp cloth to clean it. Please avoid using any harsh cleaning agents as they may damage the wood.

  • Q7

    Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Absolutely! For bulk orders, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team for detailed pricing information.

    Our wooden USB drives offer a unique blend of style, function, and sustainability. Contact us today to explore our range of products or to discuss your customization needs.