Perform Well In Both Storage And Advertising

Wooden USB Drive has became the latest trend recently, as it presents a natural beauty and allows endless possibilities of creativity.

With many choices of natural wood, including maple, walnut, bamboo and more,  you can design the USB flash drive into any shape you can think of, treating it with any finishes you want, such as laser engraving or printing.

Being widely welcome to numerous clients, especially photographers, our wood USB flash drives can well advertise your brand LOGO and preload your information to be a perfect promotional tool. Since it is afforadble and more efficient, compared with many similar choices, we will provide you over 30 different styles of  Wooden USB Drives. Besides that, you can also benefit from our highly customization service with creative ideas.

Raw Materials For Your Selection

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Walnut Wood
p021 s04 img02
Maple Wood
p021 s04 img033
Bamboo Wood
Maple Wood
Carbonized Bamboo
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    Impress Your Customers WIth Details

    Magnetic Connection

    Combing a outer casing of a built-in magnetic suction patch, Sino-Memory wooden USB flash drive could better protect its USB interface to prevent damage and dust while making itself easy-to use.

    Natural Wood Grain

    To keep the original feeling of wood grain, our factory treat all wooden outer casing carefully. By doing so, the two piece of out casing will present a whole image of wood grain when being put together, which deliver an attractive looking.

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    Impress Your Customers WIth Details

    Ultra Thin Design

    With ultra thin design, our wooden USB flash drive can achieve a thickness as slim as 15mm, being lightweight and easy to use, which allows your customers to carry it anywhere in wallet easily.

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    Impress Your Customers WIth Details

    To make our USB flash drive a perfect marketing solution for small business promotions, trade shows and vendor fairs, we will provide preloading services before shipping for all orders for free.

    In this way, we will upload any content your customers want, such as software demos, promotion advertisement, products catalog, marketing videos, photos, PDF brochures and more into USB flash drives by bulk, which will save you much time.


  • Q1

    What's the delivery time of wooden USB drives?

    1-2 days for samples, 5-7 days for mass production after sample approved.

  • Q2

    CAN BAMBOO USB drive gets moldy after a long time?

  • Q3

    How many kinds of wood are there to choose?