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  • Plane usb sticks

    Free Designs To Reproduce Brand Image

    Want to give your customers an impressive gift representing your brand image exactly as a live advertisement?

    Send us a picture of your products or your brand symbol, and of Sino-Memory will sketch a drawing of USB drive design to reproduce your brand image for free.

    For example, we can offer a helicopter shaped USB casing to advertise a company which runs helicopter sightseeing tour.


  • Q1

    What is the warranty?

    To make our USB flash drive a perfect marketing solution for small business promotions, trade shows and vendor fairs, we will provide preloading services before shipping for all orders for free.In this way, we will upload any content your customers want, such as software demos, promotion advertisement, products catalog, marketing videos much time.

  • Q2

    What motors do your machine use?

  • Q3

    What's the capacity of your machine?