Custom PVC USB Flash Drives For Tourism

To create the best travel experience to visitors to the island and build a good image, Christmas Island, specializing in tourism and hotel management, want to deliver visitor both beautiful scenery and unforgettable memory with photographic record. Sino-memory, as an experienced USB flash drive manufacturer, providing a gorgeous PVC USB flash drive design within three days. Now it has been a popular gift to visitors as well as a good advertisement.

The Challenge

Creating a tourism experience to every visitor has been acted as a mission of Christmas Island. To keep their excellent memory, professional photographers will record precious moments during their journey and send them all photos as a gift at their leaving. So they need a type of USB flash drive ,It can not only store great memory of visitors but also remind people by the characteristic of the island, such as crowd of red crabs, the name of an island. It is more meaningful

The Solution

At receiving the requirements and pictures of crabs on the beach, our engineer created a new design of PVC USB flash drive, which looks almost the same as the live crabs but being printed with the client’s brand image and name.

By employing both UV printing and color printing, we can highlight Christmas Island’s brand name and image with a white background color, forming a sharp contrast with the main body in red.

The Result

As the crab shaped USB flash drive is widely welcome to visitors, it has already been a symbol as well as a walking advertisement of this island, helping attract more visitors.

Due to our efforts and experience, we win a loyal client and found a win-win cooperation.