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Custom crystal USB drives are a unique and stylish way to store digital information. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also offer incredible convenience and portability. With custom 3D laser engravings and logo designs floating in the center of the crystal, these USB flash memory drives add an elegant touch to any occasion.

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When you’re looking for Bulk USB flash drives options at competitive prices, look no further than Sino-Memory! We offer a wide variety of custom usb flash drive including custom crystal USB flash drives that are perfect for any occasion. Our products come in premium quality at affordable prices with bulk discounts offered for larger orders – so shop with us today and discover your perfect storage solution!


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    Get the Best of Style and Durability with Sino Memory's Crystal USB Drives - Each Drive Comes with a Warranty!

    At Sino Memory, we put a lot of thought (and sparkle) into our crystal USB drives. You can trust that each drive is made with the highest quality crystal and metal materials, ensuring both durability and style. Plus, we don’t just think they’re great – we know it! Our products go through rigorous quality control tests to make sure they meet the highest standards possible. We stand behind our personalize usb drives so much that each one comes with a warranty – giving you peace of mind that your investment was well worth it. Crystal clear: when you choose Sino Memory’s Crystal USB drives, you’ll be getting something beautiful and strong…just like a diamond!

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    What makes the Crystal USB A Unique Gift?

    Crystal USB has become an invaluable tool for creative professionals, students, photographers,musicians,and more, providing them with the ability to quickly store a large quantity of data in a secure and lightweight package. Not only is flash memory portable, but it is also very resilient, making it enduringly popular as the preferred medium for storing data. With its powerful storage capabilities, flash memory provides users with the potential to share their work across different platforms quickly and easily. It is this flexibility that makes FLASH MEMORY such a versatile and reliable solution for so many people in different fields.

    Your logo can be customized and engraved inside the crystal,3D laser engraving logo inside Crystal. We are presenting a unique and personalized effect. These laser 3D logos and impression inside the crystal thumb drives beautifies it in a fantastic way.

    So you can gift these crystal USB flash drives to someone special. If you have been wondering what to gift a creative, then this custom thumb drive is the perfect blend of practical and aesthetic.

    It is not only durable; it serves as a distinct item that represents a personal or corporate brand!

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    Black Crystal Memory sticks From Crystal Flash Drives wholesalers

    What makes your brand stand out from others?

    If you think transparent crystals are too common, then Black Crystals are an excellent choice. These crystals can be customized to be in black crystal or clear crystal. Black Crystal with an elegant logo is definitely an exceptional product to attract your customer’s attention. Get Black Crystal Memory sticks From Crystal Flash Drives wholesalers now.

    The cap is also available in an array of colors. Before you order, you can select the cap color that suits you. Silver, rose gold, gun gold, black, white, and red are available in stock.

    Black USB drives offer a unique and sophisticated way of storing your most precious memories. Whether you are gifting loved ones with wedding photos or wedding videos, USB drives are an incredibly efficient way to store these memories while also making a stylish and thoughtful wedding gift. USB drives come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors so you can tailor the USB drive to best suit the recipients’ style. Custom USB drives are easy to carry and store and won’t take up much space, so your recipient can keep their wedding memories safe wherever they go.

  • Rose golden Crystal USB drives

    Crystal Flash Drives Wholesalers offer unbeatable prices

    Some people loved shining promotional USB. Crystal USB memory stick is indeed magnificent. When the USB flash drive is plugged into a computer, at the same time white LED light will illuminate the glass to make your logo bright.

    Multi-Color caps for choosing. White, Black, Golden, Rose gold, Silver, Blue, Red, seven colors available.

    Storage capacity is 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB, 64GB 128GB.Available both USB 2.0 and USB3.0

    Sino-Memory is the go-to destination for bulk USB drives. Our selection of storage solutions is unmatched, from basic thumb drives to powerful, state-of-the-art options. We have the latest flash memory available for customers in a wide range of industries. We prioritize quality and selection in order to provide our customers with superior service and the best buying experience possible. Visit our website for details about our selection of Bulk USB drives and shop with us today!

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    Crystal USB Drives - Impression Your client in details

    All USB drives was packing quite well by Customized foam bulk tray.

    During transportation, utmost care and precautions are taken to ensure that crystal thumb drives arrive at your doorstep in excellent condition. To avoid damage during transit, based on our years of experience in quality delivery, the bulk USB sticks are wrapped in foam bulk trays during transit.

    We offer fast shipping, timely and reliable delivery. 1-2 days for sample, 5-7 days for mass production. and It will take 3-5 days shipping by FEDEX or DHL.

  • Crystal with gift box

    Gem USB Drives with Gift Box

    It would astonish your clients if they saw Rose golden USB drives with a Gift Box.The tiny Crystal USBs appear so elegant. It’s a unique gift for special occasions, Such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, and meetings.Keep the photos or videos on USB drives forever. Give them to employees, vendors, and clients who are important to you.

    Crystal USB drive is also suitable for distribution to promote your business significantly.Custom Crystal USB Drives offer an impressive appearance that makes them perfect for both businesses and events alike. These unique devices provide users with an efficient way to store digital data while adding class and sophistication at the same time – whether it’s as a promotional gift or something more personal like a wedding present. Whatever your needs may be, Sino-Memory is your one-stop shopping destination offering premium quality products at affordable prices – shop now and discover the beauty of custom crystal UBS flash memory today!

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    Wholesale Crystal USB drives

    Buy Crystal USB drives from Sino-Memory. We offer High-Quality products with custom logos.It is an incredible wedding flash drive for your friends and family. And This fantastic photo USB flash drive will wow not only your existing clients but also your potential clients.

    Upload lots of your valuable photos inside and keep the great memory forever.

    If you are looking for USB flash drives for photos, contact the sino-memory sales team. So don’t delay. The beautiful world is waiting for you!

    Crystal USB drives provide a touch of sophistication when it comes to data storage. Not only are they a beautiful and classy accessory that adds a bit of sparkle to any room, but crystal USB drives are also incredibly reliable and secure, giving you the peace of mind that your files will be safe. Plus, crystal USB drives make exceptional gifts for friends and family – providing them with both form and function! Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or someone else, crystal USB drives are an ideal way to store digital information in style.

  • Black gift box

    Crystal USB Drives with Paper USB Box For Your Special Moments.

    Our crystal USB and the box set are the perfect packagings for delivering digital files to your clients.

    It holds a single crystal USB perfectly. If you are a musician or retail music USB stick, That’s excellent storage for your songs instead of a CD. We can do customized Crystal USB and the box with your Brand. Such as print / Hot stamp logo on the box.

    At Sino-Memory, we strive to provide our customers with the ultimate storage solutions. Our commitment to quality and design ensures that each of our custom crystal USB flash drives are made with only the best materials and craftsmanship – guaranteeing a sleek, sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads. With bulk discounts available on larger orders, you can trust that you’re getting your money’s worth when shopping for custom USB flash drives at Sino-Memory! Shop now and discover a beautiful new way to store your data.

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    Can Crystal USB drive with a Printing logo on a crystal surface?

    Yes.Crystal USB drives with UV printing(Silkscreen logo) offer a stylish and eye-catching way to promote your brands, commemorate events, or create personalized gifts. Sino-Memory’s Crystal USB memory sticks are commonly used by businesses for marketing purposes, at trade shows, as corporate gifts, or as promotional giveaways. Additionally, individuals may choose these drives for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or as unique keepsakes.


  • Q1

    Crystal Thumb drives are fragile? The combination of crystal and metal is beautiful, but easily broken is my most worried

    To guarantee all USB flash drives will arrive intact, we will pack all products with transparent plastic film after inspection. After that, each piece will be put in the hole of the epe foam case which will be covered by a carton box.

    By taking dual protection, we can minimize the possible damage happening during shipping to eliminate your after-sales trouble.

  • Q2

    Is this crystal the same as the Jewelry crystal sold in the shopping mall?

    There are two types of crystals we use. One is K9 Crystal, also called K9 Glass, which can also be generally referred to as K9 material made of Glass.
    The other is ultra-white Glass, a transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron high-transparent Glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-quality glass varieties, transmittance up to 91.5%, with crystal clear, high elegant characteristics, a glass family “Crystal Prince,” said. It is what we often use.

  • Q3

    Does Crystal USB stick available in USB 3.0?

    Yes, Crystal USB drives are available in USB2.0 and USB3.0.
    Premium crystal DJ stick – USB 3.0 flash drive Capacity available from 16GB to 128GB in High speed. All USB3.0 writing speed is over 20MB/s, reading speed is about 100MB/s
    Sino-Memory Crystal USB drive in 2.0 also has high speed. The fastest 2.0 writing speed can reach 20MB/s.We offer different-speed USB drives base on different requirements.


  • Q4

    What is the price of the crystal USB flash drives, and is there a minimum order quantity?

    Our crystal USB flash drives are of high quality and come at competitive prices. The exact price depends on the storage capacity, custom design, and quantity ordered. We provide discounts for larger orders to ensure that our clients get the most value for their money. Contact our sales for full pricelist .The minimum order quantity is 25 pcs, and the sample is available; however, we are always happy to accommodate our customers’ needs and offer flexibility when it comes to ordering quantities.

  • Q5

    Can the crystal USB flash drives be customized with my company logo or other artwork?

    Yes, the crystal USB flash drives can be customized with your company logo or artwork. We offer a variety of customization options, including silkscreen, full-color printing, and 3D engraving.Contact us to discuss your customization options and to receive a quote.

  • Q6

    What is the expected delivery time for my order, and what are the shipping options?

    Need custom USB drives in a jiffy? We’ve got you covered! When it comes to custom USBs, we know that speed is key – and that’s why our production time is usually around 5-7 business days from the date of final design approval. As for shipping, well, that depends on which method you choose.Standard shipping usually takes between 5-6 business days.

  • Q7

    If I am dissatisfied with the product or there is a defect, what is the policy for returning it?

    As a supplier of custom USB drives, our return policy for dissatisfied or defective products is to offer a replacement or refund within a specified timeframe. The exact timeframe and terms of the return policy would depend on the specific agreement between our company and the client. However, we always strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our products and services and will work with them to find a satisfactory resolution to any issues that may arise.

  • Q8

    Can I request a sample of the crystal USB flash drive before placing a larger order?

    Yes, You can request a sample before making a larger order so that you’re sure it’s the perfect fit for your needs. Contact our sales team and they’ll be happy to help get you set up with your very own Crystal USB drive sample – maybe even with some complimentary shipping! Don’t worry, if you decide to go ahead and place a large order, we’ll credit back any fee incurred for the sample. So what are you waiting for?

  • Q9

    What is the quality and durability of the crystal USB flash drives, and are they backed by any warranties or guarantees?

    Our crystal USB flash drives are made with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their durability and performance. We understand the importance of delivering a reliable product to our customers, and we stand behind the quality of our drives with a warranty and guarantee.

    All of our crystal USB flash drives come with a one-year warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. In addition, we offer a satisfaction guarantee that allows customers to return their drives for a replacement or refund if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase.

    We are confident in the quality and durability of our crystal USB flash drives and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible product and service.

  • Q10

    What are the payment options available for purchasing the crystal USB flash drives?

    We offer various payment options for purchasing our crystal USB flash drives, including T/T by bank , PayPal, and Western Union,L/C ,O/A. We require a 30% deposit upon order confirmation, with the remaining balance due prior to shipment. Our sales team can provide you with more detailed information on each option and assist you in choosing the most convenient one for your order.

  • Q11

    Can I track my order online, and will I receive any updates on its status?

    Absolutely. Once your order of crystal USB flash drives is shipped, we will provide tracking number once we ship out. We primarily use delivery express services such as UPS, DHL and FedEx, which offer reliable and timely delivery. You will receive regular updates on the status of your order until it reaches your desired destination.

  • Q12

    Are there any additional features or services available with the purchase of the crystal USB flash drives, such as packaging or customization assistance?

    We offer a variety of additional features and services to enhance your experience with our crystal USB flash drives. Our packaging options range from basic polybags to custom-designed gift boxes, and we can also assist with customization of the drives themselves, including laser engraving or color printing with your company logo or other artwork. Additionally, our experienced team can provide guidance and support throughout the entire customization process to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to learn more about our available options.

  • Q13

    What’s the available capacity of Crystal USB drives?

    At Sino-Memory, we offer a wide range of crystal USB flash drives with varying storage capacities. Our standard options include128MB,256MV,512MB,1GB,2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 16GB 3.0 ,32GB 3.0 ,64GB USB3.0, 128GB 3.0 but we also provide custom storage options upon request. We understand that storage needs may vary depending on the intended use of the flash drives, so we strive to provide our clients with the flexibility to choose the capacity that suits their specific requirements.