Custom Leather USB Flash Drives

Leather USB drives in various colors, Such as Blue, Black, White, Brown, Green, and Custom coloring.
People love leather products because they are beautiful and durable for use. All our Leather USB sticks are in genuine leather.You can have your logo printed or hot stamping on leather. Your brand will look more impressive and attractive.
Offer elegant gift sets to clients by Custom Leather USB drives with keyrings and notebooks. Your clients must be happy with it.
Leather USB drives are beneficial for business gifts, office gifts, and Events.
If you are looking for leather promotional gifts or business gifts, Leather USB drives are a good choice. What’s your idea?

Raw Materials For Your Selection

Black Leather
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Brown Leather
p025 s04 img03
Red Leather
p025 s04 img04
Gray Leather
p025 s04 img05
Dark Brown
p025 s04 img06
Custom Color Leather
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Blue Leather
p025 s04 img08
Custom Color Leather
p025 s04 img09
Custom Color Leather
p025 s04 img010
Custom Color Leather
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Custom Color Leather
  • Leather USB key

    Details Speak For Our Attitude

    To enrich your customers’ choices, we offer leather USB flash drives of various colors, or combine leather casing with other materials like metal. For example, a leather USB flash drive will look more high-grade with a delicate keychain or a superior package when it is sent as a gift on business occasion.

    At Sino-Memory, we are glad to source accessories or design packaging for our customers for free to support their business and enhance their competitiveness in the local market.

  • Custom coloring Leather USB

    Custom Coloring Leather USB

    People are tired of the boring gift. They love choosing unique gifts for their friends or colleagues. Leather USB drives in custom coloring are what they want.No matter Energy green, elegant gray, or lovely pink. We can do any colors in the Pantone chart. That’s a fantastic moment when your clients receive the Leather USB drives in their loving color. What do you think?

  • Genuine Leather USB drives

    A Suitable Gift On Business Occasions

    An impressive Leather USB drive will help you a lot when you are in business. The Leather USB drives look perfect from a different viewpoint. Genuine Leather combine with metal and Top-grade chipset. It is available in USB2.0 and USB3.0 High Speed. We are an expert USB drive manufacture and can make your brand stand out from others.


  • Q1

    Is it made of genuine leather?

    Yes. It’s all made from the genuine leather

  • Q2

    How can I make a logo on it?