USB Flash Drive With A Durable Metal Casing

Our metal USB flash drives give you large storage capacities within a distinctive, stylish design. With a durable metal casing that provides a dash of style and a varity of colors, our secure, reliable flash drive can store all kinds of large files, including high-resolution images and HD video. Multiple interfaces allow you to transfer photos, music and other files between computers, phones, tablets and intelligent devices easily and quickly.

Raw Materials For Your Selection

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Zinc Alloy
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Stainless Steel
  • 4 colors metal case

    More Color Choices From Aluminum Oxidation

    To give your customers more choices on colors of metal memory sticks, we have adopted aluminum oxidation to meet the needs of color at affordable prices.

    By doing so, the metal cases will be covered by oxidized colors while keeping the feeling of metal material, compared to the painted cases.

    Moreover, if you need a very precise color, it will be much easier and cheaper to achieve with the oxidation reaction which makes color adjustment quicker and easier.

  • Metal USB drives with gift box

    Metal USB Drives with Gift Packing

    There are different solutions for a business event. Many people have chosen metal USB drives and more likely to buy with gift packing. Metal USB memory sticks are very durable and beautiful. Especially, The logo on metal is fantastic.


  • Q1

    What is the warranty?

    12 months warranty. We offer free repaired goods service or change chips within one year and share the shipping cost with customers.
    After one year, We can repair the goods for free, but you should be responsible for all shipping costs and pay for chips price if need replacement.

  • Q2

    I want to uploads data,How to do?

  • Q3

    What's the delivery time for USB drives?