USB flash drives of different shapes, color and finishes customized by Sino Memory

Why Sino-Memory USB Flash Drives

With the superior performance in information storage and transfer as well as stylish designs, our high-quality products can meet various applications concurrently.

  • Superior Performance

    Combing high-quality chips from Micron, Toshiba and Samsung, all Sino-Memory USB flash drives boast higher transfer speed of up to 150MB/s, longer lifespan and defective rate of far less than 1%.

  • Stylish Designs

    To enrich your offerings to customers, we will bring out new outer casing designs monthly, and provide over 20 new designs every year.

  • Highly Customizable

    Whatever your requirments will be, Sino-Memory is able to offer the optimal solution. And you are given free options from material, functions, capacity to logo printing in customization.

Latest Interface Designs To Lead The Market

  • 2 in 1 USB flash drive for android system
    2-In-1 Design Of Type A+ Lightning

    With two types of connector, our USB flash drives allow you to transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and the flash drive easily.

    Meanwhile, you can expand storage capacity of your iphone simply by connecting our USB flash drives, which allows you to enjoy movies or music stored in the flash drive directly, or transfer your data to the flash drive from your iphone.

    In this way, our flash drive will save you lots of money while solving your problem of insufficient storage space.

  • 3 in 1 USB flash drive for android & ISO system
    3-In-1 Design Of Type A+ Lightning + Micro B

    Our 3-In-1 design of USB flash drive breaks the Barriers of data transmission between devices of different operating systems. With one flash drive, you can achieve both data transmission and storage expansion at the same time.

    At affordable prices, your customers now can backup their phone data in our functional flash drives easily and safely without the support of WIFI or iTunes, and read photos and videos directly from the USB flash drives.

    That will be a perfect solution for storage expansion for people who has limited budget.

Customize Your Multifunction USB
  • a worker is matching the color of a sample with the Panton card

    Minimize Deviation By Tireless Efforts

    To minimize color deviation caused by the resolution of different devices, we employ the pantone color card as our standard at every step of manufacturing.

    Our engineer will mark the data of color modulation every time for your reference. Meanwhile, we will compare the sample or final product with the pantone color card to check deviation, and their comparison photo will be sent you for approval of mass production or shipment.

  • we are helping clients to preload data in USB flash drives

    Free Value-Added Services

    Besides the regular customization services, you can also benefit from our value-added services for free.

    • We are glad to help you to preload information of promotion, catalog, instruction book and so on.
    • Your special requirements on partition, naming and encryption of USB flash drives will be satisfied for free before shipping if you ask.
    • We can also help to achieve the autoplay function when connecting with computer by USB .
    • You will get quick response on irregular needs within 24 hours.
  • a sales is replying after sale letters

    After-Sales Policy

    We are so proud to announce that we have NEVER received any complaint about our product quality from our clients so far.

    You can rest assured that your goods are of the same high quality of all the other goods we offered before.

    However, if there is any quality problem, which is rare, we promise prompt feedback and a satisfactory solution to it.