Custom PVC USB Flash Drives For Transportation Company

If you are looking for clever and unique ways to market your transportation company, our custom PVC USB flash drives might be just the tool you need. 
Our team produces beautiful, high-quality, three-dimensional, transport-themed USB drives to our customer’s specifications. Add your branding, logo, and contact information, and you have a useful, functional alternative to leaving a business card with a customer. 


The cost of USB drives has dropped dramatically over the last few years, which means that even with our unique 3D customization that makes your branded USBs stand out, they’re very cost-effective. 

More importantly, unlike business cards that are likely to be forgotten in a drawer or briefcase, our branded transportation company USBs are used frequently. This means your clients and prospective clients will have regular reminders of your company and your services. 

That means the marketing ROI for these little devices is much higher than traditional marketing tools – and when you’re spending on marketing, more bang for your buck is always a good thing. 

Universally Useful

When it comes to marketing giveaways, it’s hard to find one that is universally useful. 

Not everyone uses calendars, and some people don’t need another coffee mug. But USB drives are a universally useful option that everyone can (and will) make good use of. 

Add a beautiful box or custom packaging, and it’s a great gift too! 

Small But Mighty

Often, when your team gives away company-branded swag to market your transportation business, they’ll do it at an event or expo. 

Whether it’s a conference or a trade show, people might not want to carry large, heavy, bulky brochures or product information around with them. A USB drive is small and compact, making it easy to carry, and you can even preload it with your company information and brochures, so when customers use it, they can also see everything they need to know about your business!

How We Work


SINO Memory manufactures high-quality custom USB drives for various industries. 

When we work with transportation companies, we usually base their 3D PVC USB design on their vehicles and then add their branding and information, so it becomes an instantly recognizable and very memorable marketing tool for their business. 

Customers send their images to us by email, and we use those images to create a 3D design. You choose what capacity you want your USB to be, and when you’re happy with the design, we put your order into production.

 We offer a low minimum order quantity and use only the best materials and manufacturing processes to create custom USB marketing solutions that really stand out in the crowd! 

So if you’re looking for a clever way to reach potential customers – and make sure they remember you – consider swapping boring business cards for one-of-a-kind USBs that really showcase your brand and your fleet. 

Contact our team to find out more or discuss our USB production capabilities. If you can imagine it, we can probably make it real!