As a manufacturer of USB flash drives, we offer affordable prices with exceptional quality. Plus, we are always exploring new USB flash drives. We believe that novel styles can help to bring more business to our customers. The LED logo flash drives are now becoming more and more popular, unlike regular screen printing or lasers when a USB drive is plugged into a computer. The logo can even light up! The display is created by the LED installed inside the USB, so while it might look like a standard USB drive with a silkscreen logo, when your clients use it, your brand logo will light up. Isn’t that a brilliant surprise?

See Your Company Name in Lights

LED logo flash drives are becoming more and more popular. These eye-catching custom USB drives go beyond the regular printed flash drive. With an eye-catching LED effect, your name or logo will light up whenever your clients use the drive. It’s the perfect way to ensure they never forget you.MOQ is only 25PCS

Quality USB Flash Drives to Drive Your Business

The Sino-Memory range of Executive Led brand usb drive are the kind of quality you want to share with your clients and potential customers, at affordable prices. Choose their LED flash drives and pick from a variety of colors to match with your logo. Use them for promotions and events or just as a thank you to your best clients. They are in for a great surprise.

  • green light usb drives

    The flash drive with LED lights is an original design product.

    Our design is a combination of metal and LED, together with a compact design and a lanyard or key holder. This all makes the product appear more upscale. We provide different color LED lights: blue, red, green, white, and pink. With the best quality of raw materials, LED lights shine even brighter. If you’re looking for a high-end USB drive to represent your brand identity at your next event, this series is a good choice.

  • led USB Drives

    LED LOGO USB drives Light Up Your LOGO in unique Way

    The LED USB logo integrates an innovative system that can light up your logo. Numerous models are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Available in different colors, the LED logo is an original advertising item that will surprise everyone. Using the LED USB key is a great way to personalize your brand.

  • LED logo USB flash sticks 1

    Your best USB disk supplier in China.

    Leading the USB disk fashion trend, this series of products has been carefully planned and selected by our design team, with every product being rigorously tested. With high standards coupled with the latest design, our USB disks will be sure to bring you new and exciting results. We think you’ll agree that Sino-Memory is your best USB disk supplier in China.

  • led light USB pen

    Light Up Your Logo and Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers or Suppliers

    Gift your customers, clients or suppliers a custom USB drive with your logo and they will already be thanking you for the convenience of extra storage. But when your logo lights up, your name will be the one that stays top of mind. Not only for storing files, these LED LOGO USB drives work smarter for your business with their eye-catching effect.

  • ultra-thin USB drives

    There is no much difference when we put this thumb drive together with a coin

    Suppose you are looking for a Custom USB drive that is very thin and novelty for your Brand. Sino-Memory UM-101 is perfect for you. 

    Its ultra-thin design is less than 6mm, which integrates chips and led light. Why not have a try?


  • Q1

    Do these LED flash drives come with USB 3.0?

    All these models have USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and their maximum capacity is up to 128GB. The high-Quality chipset at the fastest speed up to 35MB/s for writing.