USB-C Thumb Drive

Sino-Memory has been in the business of USB drives for around 14 years.

During that time, we have strived to provide our customers with more practical USB disks by minimizing the product’s hardware size, increasing the memory capacity, and maintaining product stability while improving our USB drives’ speed. USB-C thumb drive came into the market because people were needing more and more capacity on their phones and Mac.

Everyone knows USB-C Memory sticks are the future, but what does it really mean?

Eventually, USB-C could become the industry standard and be used by all devices. There are already many phones and Macs that use the USB-C port. USB Type-C flash drives will soon be the norm for most people. The most popular Type-C interface is 3.1, which is very fast. The 16GB Flash Drive USB Type-C 3.1 has a writing speed of 40MB/s, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. This significantly improves the user experience.

Type-C USB Flash Drive is so easy to transfer data from your phone to PC or MAC.

Suppose you are looking for USB type c flash drives suitable for your industrial devices. Sino-Memory offer the highest-speed Industrial USB flash drive for you. The reading speed is 200MB/s, and the writing speed is over 100MB/s in 512GB.1TB
We have a series of USB 3.0 /3.1/3.2 and USB Type C Memory Sticks in different capacities for selection.


Raw Materials For Your Selection

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LED USB-C Flash Drive
wooden usb c thumb drives
USB -C Drives in Wooden
type c 3.1 high speed
USB-C Flash Drives in Metal
type C 02 D
USB-C Flash Drives in ABS
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    If you're not sure how to choose C memory sticks, consider the following factors:

    First of all, choose a thumb drive that’s bigger than what you planned. With the popularity of video and photos, our phones are always running out of memory. So if you wanted to buy a 64 GB USB stick, you should buy a 128 GB USB stick. Large capacity Type-C USBs will prevent you from having to purchase a second USB drive because of your limited capacity. The Type-C flash drive is designed to solve the problem of not having enough memory on your phone.

    Currently, USB C thumbdrive has a maximum capacity of 1TB, although the price will vary depending on the capacity. Regarding the material, we still recommend the metal material because it’s robust, durable, and easy to carry.

  • led usb c flash drive sino memory 1

    Is There A USB C Thumb Drive But Not A Dual Head?

    The answer is definitely yes.

    Think of USB drives you used in the past six months. Did you use them through work or school, or somewhere else? Is there a USB-C head?
    Don’t mind all of these questions — we’re just trying to help you see the trends in USB sticks.

    I worked on USB-A flash drives or Type C USB drives with Dual heads years ago. But updating one of the best USB-C thumb drives with only a USB-C head is highly recommended nowadays. Because More and more electronics products only support USB-c connections. Such as the new version of MAC and mobile phones.

    How do I transfer files from an Android phone to a computer if you are puzzled? Or transfer Data from PC to new version MAC  without internet? USB C memory sticks solve this problem perfectly.

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    How Can You Expand Flash Storage on a MacBook Air Without Spending Much Money?

    If you’ve used a MacBook Air manufactured before 2016, you can increase your storage capacity without spending a lot of money. You can use the SD card slots or Mini USB drives with USB-A ports.

    For newer MacBook Air models lacking SD card slots or USB-A ports, the solution lies in the best type C flash drive. The transition from lightning to USB-C has simplified the entire computing experience.

    Consider this: investing in a MacBook with larger built-in storage can cost you hundreds of dollars more. However, opting for a USB-C drive to expand your storage will only set you back a fraction of that price. Now, that’s value for money, isn’t it?

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    Draw the attention of your clients with high-speed USB-C Thumb Drive.

    Here is our testing result for 16GB USB 3.1 Type-C flash drives: the writing speed is about 30MB/s for writing. But what does this mean?It means when you save 1GB of data, it will only take you about 30 seconds! That’s pretty fast!

    Our 32GB USB C sticks’  can reach 1ooMB/s read speed and 40MB/s write too. and the data transfer speeds of 512GB can reach 100MB/s for writing and 100MB/s for reading.

    We see someone only list the reading speed of USB drives, but the writing speed is the one effect the transfer files time. We should pay more attention to the writing speed when buying a type C USB drive

    Thanks to cheaper storage costs. We can keep all files we need along with a keychain or wallet. 

    As time goes by, people bring USB c thumb drives to life more and more. So, Choosing a high-speed USB-C thumb drive makes your life more convenient.


  • type C 02 D

    USB Type-C promotional USB drives

    If you use the Type-C flash drives for a promotional event, custom PVC Type-C flash drives are another great choice, while photographers will prefer the wooden Type-C flash drives.

    The metal case USB-C is most popular for a business events.

    We test all of our drives 3 times at least before we ship them to you, so make sure you choose Sino-Memory, the reliable USB drive manufacturer that will save you valuable time and give you quality you can trust. Contact us now!

    If you’re looking for a trustable USB Type-C flash drive manufacturer, Sino-Memory is your best choice!

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    USB-C Flash Drives: A Game Changer in Our Mobile-Dominated World

    The dawn of USB-C technology wasn’t just a whisper in tech corridors; it arrived with a bang. The USB-C flash drive, with its flashy reversible connector and blazing data transfer speed, hasn’t just upped the game in flash storage devices, it’s rewriting the rulebook. It is suitable for all Android devices and new version MAC.USB-C pen drive is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution, reshaping our digital landscape.

    You’ve come to the perfect destination if you’re searching for a MAC Book Flash Drive or a Macbook Air flash drive.

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    The Cozy Alliance of USB-C Flash Drives and Mobile Devices

    Our world is shrinking to the size of our palm – from smartphones to tablets, we are becoming increasingly mobile-reliant. In tandem with this shift, the clamor for capacious USB-C flash drives has shot up. Here’s why:

    Slick File Management: Shuffling large files between devices? USB-C flash drives got you covered. Be it transferring vacay pics or securing crucial documents, they handle it all with panache.

    Ample Storage Space: Android or iPad Pro 2018 gasping for more room? Fret not! A USB-C flash drive can deliver that extra space without emptying your pocket.

    Speedy, Tough, and a Breeze to Use

    But that’s not all. USB-C flash drives don’t just bring practicality to the table. They pack a punch in speed, too. Designed to be compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 2 standards, they offer data transfer speeds that make traditional USB-A drives seem like snails on a leisurely stroll.

    Endurance? Absolutely. They’re shock-resistant, and some even laugh in the face of water. These modern wonders are built to last and keep your data snug and secure, come hell or high water. And with features like password protection or encryption in some models, your data security is fortified.

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    The Road Ahead for Flash Drives

    Despite cloud storage hovering on the horizon, flash drives are far from being footnotes in history. They facilitate offline transfers, provide backup, and serve as a trusty storage option in an unstable internet scenario. However, the once favored USB-A is gradually making way for the more advanced Type-C USB drive.

    The Longevity of USB-C Flash Drives

    USB-C flash drives are like loyal knights, serving you for years. They can endure between 10,000 to 100,000 write/erase cycles, proving to be a solid investment.

    USB-C – The Chosen One

    With its unmatched performance and adaptability, it’s not a surprise that USB-C is shouldering out older USB types. Its superior capabilities make it the perfect fit in a mobile-first world where speed, agility, and convenience rule the roost. USB-C isn’t just better; it’s the future.

    To wrap it up, the ascent of USB-C flash drives parallels our increasingly mobile-oriented lives. Combining speed, convenience, and durability, these drives have nestled themselves as indispensable sidekicks in our digital journey.

  • USB C Flash Drive

    Meet our cutting-edge USB-C Flash Drive

    A reliable companion for all your storage needs. With a modern USB-C port snugly fitted in, it’s compact, yet a powerhouse that promises a speedy transfer of your precious files between various devices.

    Imagine a writing speed that’s a stunning 500MB/s – yes, our USB-C flash drive pulls this off with ease, giving many SSDs a run for their money. It’s not just a safe house for your data. It shoots your files over to their destination in the blink of an eye.

  • u ssd

    U-SSD is popular with clients now

    Are you dealing with large files or high-res multimedia? Consider them transferred quicker than ever.

    Our flash drive isn’t just built for the now but also the future. With its keen design optimized for USB-C devices – think Android phones, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air – you’re set for the modern tech world. But if you’re still working with a USB-A port, don’t sweat it – our USB-C flash drive speaks that language too, ensuring your data is accessible no matter the platform.

    But here’s the kicker: our USB-C flash drive can also play the role of an SSD, cranking up your PC or Mac’s storage space a notch. It’s the equivalent of having a secret superpower, transforming your computer into a whirlwind of productivity.


    USB-C Memory sticks

    Are you professional ferrying work documents? A shutterbug backing up tons of data.

    A student safeguarding a key project? a photographer backing up important files?

    Our USB-C Flash Drive has got your back. It’s more than just a memory stick – it’s a turbo-charged, spacious, portable storage solution that’s ready to go when you are.

    Embrace the future of speedier, slicker transfers with our USB-C flash drive. In the breakneck pace of the digital age, there’s no time for the waiting game.


  • Q1

    Is USB-C thumb drive suitable for 2.0 and 3.0 ?

    Yes, Type-C USB Drives are available in 2.0 and 3.0 /3.1/3.2

  • Q2

    What capacity does USB TYPE-C Flash drive available?

    4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64gb for USB2.0 ,And 8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB,256GB,512GB,1TB for USB3.0/3.1/3.2.Of course, if you need any other custom capacity,we also can offer it.

  • Q3

    Can I use the standard USB flash drive on a USB TYPE-C USB port?

    You can connect the USB Drive-A with TYPE-C connectors, but we highly recommend USB C memory sticks directly. It is easier to use. And more and more android devices are use USB type c port now.

  • Q4

    How do I transfer files from an Android phone to a computer?

    A dual USB-C Thumb drive can solve this problem perfectly. Connect your Android phones with USB TYPE-C Drives and copy the files into Computer. That’s all.

  • Q5

    I know you can customize a USB C thumb drive with a company logo, but can you program the drives with custom serial numbers?

    Yes.sure. We can do custom USB C drives, Not only for the logo and the shell shape. But also the function, such as serial number, passwords, autorun and Boot USB flash drives.

  • Q6

    What is a USB-C flash drive?

    A USB-C flash drive is a compact data storage device that uses flash memory to store data. Just like the USB flash drives, Its USB-C connector can transfer data at higher speeds to your devices, such as mobile or Mac. No matter photographers, music publishers, or students who need to store many files, this little USB-C drive ensures storage woes are a thing of the past. Now, isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

  • Q7

    Do people still use thumb drives?

    Yes, people still use thumb drives, although their usage has somewhat decreased with the rise of cloud storage services. But, They remain a popular choice for portable, physical data storage, especially in the photography field or gift market.

  • Q8

    Do USB C flash drives work with iPad?

    Yes, but only with certain models. Starting from iPad Pro 2018, Apple introduced a USB-C port in place of the Lightning port. Therefore, you can use a USB-C flash drive with these iPad models.

  • Q9

    Why is the flash drive obsolete?

    Flash drives aren’t entirely obsolete, but their usage has decreased with the rise of cloud storage, which offers vast storage space, accessibility from multiple devices, and ease of sharing. However, flash drives are still used for offline transfers, backups, and instances where internet connectivity is unreliable. And more and more people have begun to use USB-c Flash drives to enlarge as external storage for MAC or mobile device.

  • Q10

    How fast is a Type C USB drive?

    The speed of a USB-C flash drive is impressive. They typically support data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps with USB 3.1 Gen 2. However, some high-end models can even support USB 3.2 or USB4, delivering faster write speeds. The write speed is over 400MB/s, and read speed is over 500MB/s

  • Q11

    How do you use a USB-C flash drive?

    Using a USB-C flash drive is a walk in the park. Just plug it into the USB-C port of your device, and you’re all set to transfer files back and forth. And it is compatible devices more than you think.You can use USB-C flash drive as a hard drive to edit files on it directly.

  • Q12

    Are there Type C USB drives?

    Absolutely! Type C USB drives, also known as USB-C flash drives, are on the shelves and gaining popularity due to their superior performance and convenience.

  • Q13

    What is the lifespan of a USB type-c flash drive?

    The lifespan of a USB drive depends on the quality Of its components and how often it’s used. A USB flash drive typically can withstand around 10,000 to 100,000 write/erase cycles.