Helicopter Shaped USB Flash Drives

Our client operates a helicopter sightseeing tour and visitors can take a 30-60 minute helicopter tour of Dubai. During the tour, some photos have been taken and stored in the USB flash drive which will be sent to the tourists as a souvenir gift. Based on full understanding of all requirements, Sino-memory designed a PVC helicopter USB flash drive which could remind tourists of the wonderful journey they enjoyed.


The Challenge

The client wanted a design of USB flash drive which could both store the photos of tourist and remind people of the sightseeing tour. But they have no clear idea about what material should be used to produce the USB drives and asked for a copy model by sending some pictures of their helicopters.

The Solution

After studying the structure and color of helicopter, our engineer found PVC material would be a perfect solution. Our designer created a 2D rendering drawing in 2 colors within 3 days, scaling down the original size of helicopter accurately. With superior logo printing, our sample presented a perfect copy model of targeted objects.

The Result

Working as both a great storage tool and a symbol of memorable sightseeing experience, our customized USB flash drives are highly welcome to visitor and seen as a walking advertisement of our client.