Custom Wooden USB Drive For Photographer

To make it easier for his customers to share photos within their own intelligent devices, Kelly, owner of a private photograph studio in the USA, once stored photos of customers in CDs, and now wants to replace CDs with a type of USB flash drive which is more capable and user-friendly.  Based on his specific requirement, Sino-memory provided a stylish design of wooden USB Flash Drives which can be engraved with any content freely for different applications. We are the top Supplier of Custom Wooden USB Drive For Photographer.

The Challenge

For the fact that people needs to transfer photos between computers, phones, tablets and intelligent devices quickly and easily.

Kelly wanted to custom a stylish USB flash drives which can not only store customers photos, but also speak for his studio as well as his unique aesthetic.

The Solution

At receiving the requirements and pictures of crabs on beach, our engineer created a new design of PVC USB flash drive which looks almost the same as the live crabs but being printed with client’s brand image and name.

After fully understanding the aesthetic sense of a photographer as well as the image of his studio, we recommended wooden USB flash drive as a perfect solution.

Among all the choices of outer casing, only wooden casing show the natural beauty with their unique looking and feeling of original wood grains. Besides that, the wooden casing also boast the endless possibilities of shape design and laser engraving logo.

The Result

Starting from a low MOQ-25PCS, the photographer could customize wooden USB flash drives of different shapes, sizes and capacities for different applications.