Marketing with Personalized USB Drives


Gaining an edge in marketing requires that you get creative and place the customer experience above all else. Reaching out to customers with a variety of marketing tools is a necessity. To set you apart from your competitors, you need a creative approach.
Consider providing your customers with something useful and tangible that puts your brand in front of them. Product giveaways, for example, often beat the return on investment of even lucrative Facebook ads. A product a customer can hold is a way to positively engage with them and create positive brand association.


Promote with Innovation and Design

Consider a USB drive. USB drives are available in a variety of shapes and designs. You can purchase personalized USB drives with swing covers that are standard. Alternatively, you could use a USB drive incorporated into an ink pen, bracelet, keychain or credit card style that fits neatly into a wallet. Any of these styles lend themselves nicely to custom design with your company logo and information.

If you want to get really creative, we have specially designed USB drives shaped into unique designs. We carry options of chess pieces, lipstick cases, footballs, guitars, mini-barrels, tractor-trailers, airplanes, the list goes on. Custom designs and colors are also available. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, wood and cork, to name a few.

We can standard imprint your company logo onto the USB you choose. What’s more, you can even give us a special design that reflects a key aspect of your business. We’ll work with you to create a product that is unique to your business. A USB drive is a fun, useful and creative marketing tool.


The Number One Product Promo Item

A study by BPMA Research shows that USB drives as a marketing tool are the most popular promotional item used today. That’s compared to other popular giveaways such as pens, electrical items or mugs. USB drives were preferred by 21% of respondents, compared to 11% for electrical items, the next most popular category. 87% of respondents indicated they had held onto these promotional items for more than a year.

Furthermore, 30% held on to them for more than 4 years! Additionally, an astounding 97% said they did not forget the name of the company or product advertised.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck! How much do people love USB drives? There are more than a half trillion USB drives out there at this moment in time.


Adapting to the Digital Age

Let’s take a look at an example of a wedding photographer. For several years, he had presented his clients with a beautifully packaged DVD of their wedding photos. He packed the DVD in a metal tin printed with a carefully selected photo of the newly married couple. Their DVD sat in the tin, and printed inside the lid was his company logo and contact information.

This package was wrapped up with a bow and an attached business card, and this finished product was presented to clients. At the time the photographer introduced the DVD to his clients, the technology was still cutting edge. However, as time wore on, technology continued to advance at a blinding pace. The photographer found the DVD no longer cut it. More and more in this digital age, his clients no longer even had DVD drives in their computers.

Creating a Thriving Business

Wanting to stay ahead of the game, the photographer quickly realized a change to USB drives would keep his business relevant. Using just 30-40 USB drives a year, he ordered mostly 4 GB drives along with some 8 GB drives. Custom designing them with his company logo, he found that his details were more obvious than a business card. He presented the drives in small 3.5” gift boxes lined with fabric matching his company logo color. Then, he had his company logo and contact info printed inside the lid, and tied it all up with a bow and attached a business card.

It wasn’t a huge move. He just had to adapt with the times to stay competitive. Although he had always provided his customers with a service, times had changed. Now, he presented his product in a way that was technologically savvy and useful to the customer. Also, it allowed him to promote his brand to more people.

Whether you’ve got a service that lends itself to using a USB drive, or want to use a personalized USB drive as a giveaway to keep your name in front of customers and potential customers, USB drives are a great option. You can purchase a small number, or purchase in bulk. USB drives are available in a variety of sizes and prices. With all the choice out there, there’s bound to be something suitable for your brand.

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