How to Transfer Files Between Android and PC or MAC Wirelessly


Having many different electronic devices certainly makes life easier – most of the time. However, it also means that sometimes, the file that you need on your computer is on your phone or tablet instead. You could use a cable to transfer the file, but the truth is, we usually don’t have a cable when we need one. Even when you do, it’s a hassle to find an available USB port, find the device, and find the file on your phone or tablet. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to move files wirelessly from an android phone or tablet to a PC or MAC. Here’s what you need to know. 

Email It

If you have an email account on your phone, the easiest way to get any file from one place to another is usually just to email it. Even if you only have one email account, you can still email your file to yourself, and then simply login to your email on your PC or MAC and retrieve it. 

This is actually a great way to backup important files. If your device stops working for whatever reason, you will still have those files in your email account. 

Cloud Services

Whether it’s Google Cloud, OneDrive or something else, sharing files via the cloud is a very easy way to get anything you need from one device to another. 

If you have these services installed on your Android device, you can even set it up so that it automatically uploads new images and files to your cloud service. So you don’t even have to remember to share them. 

Type C USB Flash Drives

If you have an android device, you probably use a type C USB charger, but you can also get a USB flash storage device that has both a USB C that fits into your phone, and a traditional USB that fits into your computer or laptop on the other side. So you can move or copy files from your device on to the USB, and then transfer them quickly and easily onto your computer. Or any other computer for that matter. Get more information about Type-C USB drives,Click Here!

Memory Cards

Most modern phones and tablets have slots where you can install an additional memory card. If your computer has a memory card reader that fits that size of card, you can simply use that to transfer information between the two devices. 


Bluetooth is another great way to transfer files between android devices and computers without a single wire in sight. 

All you need to do is pair your devices, and then share the file by Bluetooth. You can usually do this by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the screen on your android device and choosing the Bluetooth icon. Then simply select your computer from the list of devices and hit send! 

Wi-Fi Direct

If you are at home or in the office where you have a wi-fi network that you trust, you can usually share files from your android device by Wi-Fi direct. This allows you to connect directly with network devices and send files over your internet connection. 

Make sure you’re using a safe and secure network though. Cyber criminals don’t only target computers, and you can also get viruses and malware on your phone!

Using ADB

ADB, or Android Debug Bridge is a techie solution to transferring files. It does allow you to create a direct connection between your android and a computer or MAC, but it does require some programming and coding knowledge, so if you’re not comfortable using command prompt and code, this might not be the right option for you. 


It is possible to install WhatsApp using an emulator on a PC or MAC. This uses a digital “phone number” to allow you to chat on the WhatsApp service, and to share files using their platform. If you have this type of desktop workaround installed on your computer and you use the service on your phone, you can share files this way. There may be limitations on the size of file you can send this way though, so be sure to check how big your file or photo is! 

Check Your Phone or Tablet

Usually, when you’re using an android device, and you want to share a file, a list of all the options will appear. There might be other systems, apps, or platforms you can use instead of the ones we have mentioned here. You might even want to use social media, or if you have Skype on your phone and your computer, you could use that service to share files. 

The best thing about modern technology is that there are just so many ways to connect. Whether it’s hardware like a special USB, older technologies like email or something else, there are many ways to get the files you need from one device to another.

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