USB Drives Can Give Your Fans Access to The Best Quality Music


Let's face it the music business is going through a turbulent period right now. Physical sales are declining, and the way people consume music has shifted towards the digital domain. Music fans are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and so should you be.

Music has transitioned to the digital era successfully with streaming being the favored method of consumption. However, this can sometimes feel a little robotic, a little less personal, and later on in this article, you will discover that the quality isn’t all that great either.

In the past, music collectors would buy the albums, the special editions, and the extra artwork because it felt special. That sentiment still exists today, and bands and fans alike are looking for a more meaningful medium to share their love for music and connect. 

Physical interactions at gigs, where musicians and fans can meet face to face, is incredibly important.

[caption id="attachment_5205" align="alignnone" width="316"]SINO-MEMORY USB flash drives instead of CD[/caption]


The good news is that the need to lug mountains of heavy boxes filled with CDs and vinyl records has disappeared. There is a much more convenient way to give your fans that special something to take home with them. A USB drive provides a unique solution and should be part of any self-respecting musicians promotional tool kit.


How USB Drives/ Thumb Drives/ Gig Sticks Can Help You Out


USB drives are a novel way to spread the word about your earth-shattering tunes. A branded memory stick can come in all manner of shapes, colors, sizes, and storage capacities. A branded USB stick will serve its purpose for years, and each time your fans interact with your merchandise, they will be reminded of you and your music. Gig-goers do not want to be carrying bulky CD cases around in their back pockets. A pen drive is much more convenient.

Limitless Design Capabilities

You could transform your USB gift into the KISS of USB sticks with bright colours and imagery. We can provide virtually any design. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Some of our devices are made from natural materials like wood, silicone, metal, plastic, leather, and more. The choice is yours. We can tailor your memory stick to match the personality of your band.

Here at Sino Memory, we utilize technology to create innovative designs. Check out some of our methods here.

If you really want to go the extra mile for your fans, we can also provide you with OEM & ODM custom packaging.

Mega Storage

The good thing about the evolution from vinyl to tape and then CD to USB drives is the increased storage capabilities. In fact, some smaller sticks will likely provide more than you will ever need if you intend to just give them away. If you wish to bequeath your entire music library to your fans, you absolutely can. We can produce drives from 1G up to 256G. Music, artwork, photos, or videos can all be easily stored safely for you to give to your fans. 

The World Is Your Oyster

Do you remember your favourite albums from the past? It was never enough, was it? There were only 10 to 15 songs that always left you wanting more. They cost an arm and a leg, and if you were lucky, they included a booklet inside, with the lyrics. What would your fans pay for a USB stick with secret tracks, band interviews, live recordings, music videos and more? With a gig stick, the smallest package can provide the biggest bang for your buck. If your fans love you, they will want all of the material they can get their hands on. 

Listen Anywhere

From computers to cars, like it or not, CD players are fast becoming obsolete. The world has moved on. However, a portable USB stick can be taken home downloaded and stored onto any device your fans see fit, which has the additional benefit of being sharable. Digital files have unlimited potential. Your fans can share your music across the world at the click of a button. Traditionally, this kind of reach would have taken a significant investment from you or your record company.

Quality Over Quantity?

There has been a debate amongst consumers about the various formats of music and which is better. We now have access to something called High-Resolution Audio, which comparatively is like HD technology, only it is for your ears and not your eyes.

High-Resolution Audio uses a much higher sampling rate than CDs and MP3’s. When analogue music is recorded into digital, the recording device will take samples and the more samples taken per second, the better the recording shall be. Makes sense, right? 

When it comes to music quality, the bit rate is the deciding factor. 

High-Resolution Audio's bitrate is 9,216 kbps which is nearly seven times higher than that of CDs which is 1,411 kbp and significantly higher than MP3’s at 320 kbps.

However, streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music use a much lower bit rate of 160 kbps. Most music fans fail to realise that.

So, if MP3 is better than streaming, but CD's are better than MP3s, and High Res Audio is better than the CD. It becomes increasingly likely that your fans have never heard good music. 

Until now, that is. When you provide your fans with a USB stacked with the best quality tunes, they will be forever grateful.

Thus, your music can be heard in all its glory and live on forever! 

For a small investment, you can provide your fans with masses of portable, quality material, to keep them coming back for more.

If you would like more information on the services and products we can provide,  our team is on hand to help you out. 

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