Wooden USB Sticks

Easy-to-Use Two-Tone Wooden USB Sticks: Simple, Stylish Storage

Two-Color Wood USB Memory Sticks

Check out our Wood USB Memory Sticks that mix two beautiful wood colors in one design. The dark walnut wood comes together with the lighter beech wood to make a USB stick that looks different and stylish.

Nature Meets Tech: Eco-Friendly USB Memory Sticks

Smooth and Rounded Edges:

We’ve made sure that the edges of these USB sticks are smooth and round, so they feel nice and comfortable in your hand.

Slim and Handy:

These USB sticks are thin and easy to carry around, so you can take them wherever you go, whether you’re at work or with friends.

Good for Nature:

Our USB sticks are not just good-looking; they’re also friendly to the environment. Using wood from nature makes them a smart choice for people who care about our planet.

  • Free sample
  • Fully customized
  • Low MOQ:1pcs
  • Free design
  • Distribute globally

Details and Specifications

  • Customization:

    Materials, colors, sizes, shapes, logo, etc.

  • Lead Time:

    2 weeks (May vary depending on quantity.)

  • Services:

    Quick reply within 12 hours for working days

Shipping guarantee:
  • We guarantee all USB flash drives will arrive intact.
  • All orders are inspected prior to shipment to ensure all products are intact when they leave our warehouse.
  • If you found any broken items during your initial inspection, simply email us and start replacement.
  • Claims for broken items will be dealt with in 24 hours.
Item Number UW-40
Materials Wood
Size 62*19*8mm
Weight 25gm
Color Walnut

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