Cassette USB Flash Drives: A Cool Way to Enjoy Old Favorites

Revive the Classics with Modern Mixtape USB Drive!

Hey, musicicians! Are you ready to experience a fantastic blend of old and new with our Cassette USB Flash Drives? They look just like the classic cassette tapes you love, but with a modern twist, USB to impress your fans.

No wifi? A piece of cake! With these USBs, you can enjoy your favorite tracks directly from a PC without the internet. It’s a hassle-free way to listen to music wherever you are. 

Blend Retro Charm and Modern Tech with Cassette USB!

Want to make your fans feel special? Load up mixtape Cassette USB drives with photos from recent shoots showcasing your style. They’ll love the extra personal touch!

Do you want to give a special thank-you note to your fans? You can add a heartfelt message in MP3 or video to it. You can also post the video on your social media or website. You are staying connected with your audiences at any time.

These Cassette USBs aren’t just for PCs. They fit into any USB port, making sharing files between computers and cars or TVs simple. And the best part? You can customize them with full-color printing to flaunt your album art Or DIY it with your album name writing by hand. Is that amazing?

So why wait? Respond to your fans with these unique and easy-to-use Cassette USB Flash Drives. They’re a fun, modern way to enjoy the classics.


  • Free sample
  • Fully customized
  • Low MOQ:1pcs
  • Free design
  • Distribute globally

Details and Specifications

  • Customization:

    Materials, colors, sizes, shapes, logo, etc.

  • Lead Time:

    2 weeks (May vary depending on quantity.)

  • Services:

    Quick reply within 12 hours for working days

Shipping guarantee:
  • We guarantee all USB flash drives will arrive intact.
  • All orders are inspected prior to shipment to ensure all products are intact when they leave our warehouse.
  • If you found any broken items during your initial inspection, simply email us and start replacement.
  • Claims for broken items will be dealt with in 24 hours.
Item Number UN-18
Materials ABS


Weight 45gm
Color Sliver And black

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