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Innovative USB Flash Drives Highly-Customized to Meet Specific Needs of Your Business for Lower Cost & Enhancing Profit.

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    Best-Quality Performance

    Most Competitive Transfer Speed with Larger Storage Capacity and Durable Working Lifetime are guaranteed by Superior Chips.

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    All-in-one Customization

    One-stop Solution Tailor-made for your every USB Drives details by Material / Functions/ Capacity / Stylish Design / Logo Printing / Packaging / etc...

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    100% Benefits Guarantee

    Free Sample & Flexible MOQ & ODM/OEM Service available to support your business with CE & RoHs Approval Certification.

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    Free Value-Added Services

    3D drawing of product design for your ideal sample; autoplay function and data preloading of promotion / catalog / instruction.

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    Custom USB Flash Drives

    Various USB Drives Certified By CE & RoHS Perform Well In Both Storage And Advertising.

    • LED LOGO USB Drives
    • Crystal Flash Drives supplier
    • USB-C Flash Drives
    • Wooden USB Flash Drives
    • Metal Memory Sticks
    • Custom USB drives
    • Plastic USB Flash Drives
    • Leather USB Flash Drives
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    USB flash drives of different shapes, color and finishes customized by Sino Memory

    Why Sino-Memory USB Flash Drives

    With the superior performance in information storage and transfer as well as stylish designs, our high-quality products can meet various applications concurrently.

    • Superior Performance

      Combing high-quality chips from Micron, Toshiba and Samsung, all Sino-Memory USB flash drives boast higher transfer speed of up to 150MB/s, longer lifespan and defective rate of far less than 1%.

    • Stylish Designs

      To enrich your offerings to customers, we will bring out new outer casing designs monthly, and provide over 20 new designs every year.

    • Highly Customizable

      Whatever your requirments will be, Sino-Memory is able to offer the optimal solution. And you are given free options from material, functions, capacity to logo printing in customization.

    One-Stop Solutions for Your Business Needs

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      Custom USB Drives

      At Sino-Memory, we will bring your idea into reality with our 100% customization services. You are given free choices on everything, from raw material to functions. All needs will be met perfectly.

    • various customized wooden USB flash drive outer casings in stock
      USB Drives Wholesale

      With more than 20 new designs every year, we provide wide selection of USB drives for your wholesale business. All in-stock products are available in quick printing and competitive prices.

    Design Your USB Drive To Achieve Functions Needed

    Latest Interface Designs To Lead Your Target Market Demands

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    With two types of connector, our USB flash drives allow you to transfer files between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and the flash drive easily.

    2-In-1 Design Of Type A+ Lightning

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    Our 3-In-1 design of USB flash drive breaks the Barriers of data transmission between devices of different operating systems. With one flash drive, you can achieve both data transmission and storage expansion at the same time.

    3-In-1 Design Of Type A+ Lightning + Micro B

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    USB Interface: 2.0 3.0 3.1

    Storage Capacity: 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, 128G, 256G

    Connection Port: Type A, Type C, Micro-B, Lightning.

    Material: wood, silicone, metal, plastic, leather.

    Flexible Customization by Your Choice

    Customize Multi-functional USB Drives

    Top Advantages for Your Benefits

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    To support your wholesale business or meet your specific applications, Sino-Memory offer both ODM and OEM services to help your business success.

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    As a reliable usb flash drive manufacturer, Sino-Memory employs superior materials, imported machines and global standards to produce high-quality products.

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    At Sino-Memory, we will offer you top before & after sale support, including 3D drawing of product design, sample, preloading service and more for free.

    Thoughtful Data Services For Free

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      Data Preloading

      If needed, we will help you to preload the USB flash drives with any information, such as catalog, videos and pictures in mass process to save your time.

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      Drive Partitions

      By partitioning the USB flash into a read-only CD-ROM zone and a standard removable drive, it can work as both a promotional tool and a regular flash drive.

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      To protect the data and privacy of your customers, we can equip our USB flash drives with a varity of security options, including password protection and data locking.

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      AutoRun Function

      With autorun function, our USB flash drive can work as a perfect marketing tool, launching the promotional information preloaded, such as a video or website, automatically.

    Highlight Your Logo With Our Crafts

    An eye-catching brand logo will create unforgettable impression on your targeted customers, and Sino-Memory will offer various choices to achieve your needs.

    • Screen Printing
    • Laser Engraving
    • Pad Printing
    • Full Color Printing
    • Roller Printing
    • Hot Printing
    • Water Transfer Printing
    • screen printing logo treatment
      Screen Printing

      As one of the most effective techniques, it can recreate multi color images of your logo at affordable prices.

    • laser engraving logo treatment
      Laser Engraving

      It allows you to print your image on various materials like wood, plastic, metal, stone and glass with perfect details.

    • pad printing logo treatment
      Pad Printing

      It helps us transfer a 2D image on a 3D object, vividly presenting your design & logo with every detail reproduced accurately.

    • full color printing logo treatment
      Full Color Printing

      Creating eye-catching colors, detail of textures and unique shapes, it can meet the most complicated colors your logo needs.

    • roller printing logo treatment
      Roller Printing

      It can reproduce the most complicated designs, and perfectly print a multicolor pattern of various parts, each of which needs to blend together aesthetically while avoiding mismatches at the conjunction points.

    • hot printing logo treatment
      Hot Printing

      By using a die to create an impression onto the material via a foil, it will adapt no solvents or inks in this process, being a simple and eco-friendly crafts which we would like to promote.

    • water transfer printing logo treatment
      Water Transfer Printing

      By using water as a dissolving medium, it can print a color pattern carried by the transfer paper or transfer film onto the chosen materials accurately. Working together with other printing crafts, it can recreate the most exquisite logo image.

    Quality-Focused Mass Production

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    Raw Material Preparation
    bulk chips are tested by H2 software
    Chips Test
    the worker is printing a flash drive with logo
    Outer Cases Logo Printing
    various semi USB flash drives are under test
    Semi-Product Test
    a worker is assembling chips on PCB panels
    we conduct 100% inspection on finish products
    Final Product Test

    You're In Good Company

    Over 10 years, Sino-Memory has served various global major brands.

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    Woking with Sino-memory means trouble-saving and win-win cooperation, I really appreciate your quick response to all my requirements. Over these years, your capability of bringing any creative ideas into reality has impressed me deeply.

    --- Tourism in Australia

    Woking with Sino-memory means trouble-saving and win-win cooperation, I really appreciate your quick response to all my requirements. Over these years, your capability of bringing any creative ideas into reality has impressed me deeply.

    --- Adam

    The memory sticks arrived yesterday. I am very happy. I appreciate your work and professionalism. I will tell all my friends about Sino-Memory.Thanks

    --- Tura

    I finally have them. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much! I couldn’t be happier. Will definitely do another order with Sino-Memory when these are done!!

    --- Michelle Quenet

    I received the order yesterday. They are perfect. Will definitely be doing business with Sino-Memory in the future.Thanks for everything!

    --- JCM

    Thanks, Shirley. I received the USBs. That‘s a really fast turnaround. They are very nice. Thank you.

    --- Bhavani Loganathan - TCL (Technical Chemical Laboratories)

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