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Captivate your customers and grab the attention of your audience by giving away our eye-catching custom-made USB drives at trade shows and exhibitions. 
Leave your business competitors behind in the dust at business to business presentations, 
expos and promotional events with these handy, highly functional gifts that are sure to put your brand name in the forefront of the recipients’ minds. 
Looking for memorable gifts to give your best customers? 
What could be better than our compact, stylish, logo imprinted USB drives that will help them keep important data safe and easily accessible at all times??!!



Creativity at its Best
At Sino Memory, what our expert design team does best is come up with attention riveting creative ideas for your promotional USB drives in both 2D and 3D. 
Get your logo and/or company name imprinted on the flash drive and you get free advertisement every time your customer pulls it out to use in public. 
Stay Ahead of the Crowd
Do you want a unique design  a message printed on the USB drive; or do you want to experiment with shapes, materials or colors to make your custom-made flash drives truly stand out and make an impression? 
Let us know what you have in mind, and we will get a sample ready in just 3 days. 
Once you approve the design, we can deliver as many units as you need in time for your event.
Impress existing and future customers
A custom flash drive is a great give away to impress potential customers and improve customer relations with the existing clientele. 
This value-for-money gift works in many ways to amp up the reach of your business in the marketplace:
  • Improves market penetration by making your brand more visible 
  • Makes for better brand recall in your customers and others
  • Highly functional gift builds loyalty in the mind of customer
  • Frequent use of the flash drive ensures that your logo/ brand gets maximum exposure 
 Sino-Memory is where you will find what you need
Professional design, top-notch quality, reliable delivery, impeccable after sales service - these are just some of the reasons why you should entrust your consumer gift order only to Sino-Memory. Add to this our Lifetime Warranty assurance and our willingness to make sure that every design of ours exceeds your expectations 
as well as enamors your customers and there is no longer any need to go anywhere else when you need to place a custom USB order. 
Just call us right away and take your sales and promotion plan to the next level today!

Product Showcase

Your LOGO deserve the best here !

The logo of your company can even be reflected in the custom USB design. The primary purpose of these custom USB designs is to promote a specific organization or entity. When the custom USB drives are carried along, there is automatic advertisement of the company to the general public.

A successful printing job is directly related to the quality of the original artwork. In order to insure the highest quality reproduction of an imprint, the original artwork should be “camera-ready”. The better the artwork at the beginning, the better the imprint reproduction result.

We require Adobe Illustrator (preferably saved as Vector Art) Artwork or Adobe Photoshop (.eps format) Artwork in order to correctly proof and imprint your order. We can create vector art of your logo for you if the artwork does not achieve the effect. We will assist you in matching the exact P.M.S. colors for your logo.


Efficient Production Process and 100% Quality Assurance

Design ⇒ Rendering ⇒ Sample ⇒ Product ⇒ Packing ⇒ Transportation ⇒ After-sale Services


We will always provide you with a virtual pre-production proof that shows the exact placement of your logo on the product.
We always provide you with a Pre-Production Samples of the product you are ordering. This will give you the actual piece in your hand with your imprinted logo. ($50 Cost)
Once you have approved the virtual proof or the physical sample, your order will go into production and ship.
All products purchased through Sino-Memory have a LIFETIME warranty.
We will replace any and all broken or otherwise unusable products through our website.We are here for all of your promotional product needs Custom flash drives are our business!

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